karas z medenej hory

Crucian carp from the copper mountain

hrebeň Veľká Fatra

Veľká Fatra ridge

Veľká Fatra túra hrebeň

We climb up somewhere there, somewhere below us is the spring well

Jazvečík šteňa jarná záhrada

Rolled out

Jazvečík šteniatko

I believe you

Majstrovstvá sveta v pečení mäsa 2011 - Buddhove slzy

6th year of World championships in cooking and roasting,
our competition model for this year - "Buddha's tears"

New mascot for Pohoda festival

Splav Mošonský Dunaj

Rafting Mosoni Danube - mistletoe giants

Malibu gýč

Malibu kitsch

Vlasatá vŕba

Hairy willow

Leňochod dvojprstý

Watch out, he comes after you!

Medúza alúzie

ZOO Budapest - medusa allusions

Tuleň Nike

Nike Seal

Jazvečíky šteniatka z druhého vrhu

Siblings from the second delivery

Snowdrops spring flowers

The spring is coming

Homemade cheese in cotton sheet

Homemade cheese in cotton sheet

Opal mines Slovakia Dubnik

Welcome to the entrance of more than 22 km long network of mine tunnels

Ice crystal

Local crystal

Rhinolophus ferrumequinum bat

Alien I - "Yellow Dream"

Bonfire fire night flares

Night flares

Fire & ice

Fire locked in the ice

krajinka sheep cheese soup

Salaš Krajinka, where delicous sheep cheese soup is served

Pajstun castle remains ruin gate heads

Pajštún heads

Rasta dog cheeta dachshund


Road under Kriváň

Engraved on both Slovak halier and Slovak eurocents coins

Escalator from the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts - BOZAR

Homemade Maki Sushi

Danube pike

Morning at Pezinska Baba - location Konské hlavy

We left a lot in the forest

Summer cep´s first class

Goulash soup prepared at Kramáre meadow

Štefánik´s lion

Castle from Eurovea

Apollo Four Forty

Šani Petőfi in Medická garden

Turtle from Malý Dunaj

Half of the dog

Wooden pike and Cheeta

World Championships in meat cooking and roasting 2010 - roasted quails

Cottage cheese pasties

Potato & cottage cheese pasties with chives, cream and roasted bacon

Longtime fire

"Rice field expedition" - Delta Dunării

Morning romantic mist or foggy lens?

Our private dock in Letea

Letea fleet

Animal liberty

Waterlilies and boats

Curious roach

Fish on the sun

Indigo black

Microfonic megaant / bluemustache (alias Oil Beetle)

Blue crocodile ate blue shark

Timberhouse reloaded

Valentine spruce

Lucky Steak

Garlic-cheese snails

White Castle

New Year´s gate - Klariská

Dark persons of the history

Yellow snow

Bratislava view from the dog´s heaven

Petržalka panorama from Königswarte

Pressburger clown

Coronation Feasts - in front of Academia Istropolitana

From the Pezinok vintage atmosphere

Market in Banská Štiavnica

Ice cream staircase

Lizards of Banská Štiavnica

Wiev from the New Castle window

Love vibrations

Hairy coffee

Morning at Senec lakes

Nipper power!

Hairy beauty in the deep

Snails in provisory

Azure coast of Ivánka lake

Ripe cherries

World Championships in meat cooking and roasting 2009

Old bridge lines

New bridge lines

Restaurant Výtopna in Brno serviced by model railway

It´s coming...

Ice Age I

Ice Age III

Dog with cats shadow

Dead eye dragonfly

Steak Tartar - ingredients

Steak Tartar + habanero = big love

Mandarin Duck at Štrkovec lake

Contemplation at Hainburg castle courtyard

Ski trip scenery at south side of Chopok

North lookout panorama from the Chopok´s peak

View from the peak of Sninský kameň (1 005 AMSL) - "Sea eye" lake in Vihorlat mountains

Mutton goulash cooked in the middle of the night under the hill Bodoň near Prešov

Octopus, seafood gift, that I cannot resist

Montenegro´s Kitsch -night view from terrace in Petrovac

Almost old sea redhead wolf - feeding is obligatory!


Gallery Babka in Kovačica presents well known naive art of local Slovak amateur painters

Painting by Ján Glozik, for the 200. anniversary of Slovak settlement in Kovačica - format approx. 5 x 2,2 m

Belgrade - unrepaired bombed buildings left as memento after NATO bombing in summer 1999

Aviation museum near the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Ladies and gentleman in contemporary clothes discussing Napoleon´s army siege of Bratislava at beer pause

Heavy power versus pedant noblesse

En Avant!

1809 - Tent town with belongings

Trilogy for children "Cheeta - wolf in sheepskin, Cheeta - zebra, Cheeta - Milka" (tempera, 2007)

"Horse" - painting of Catalan painter Rálfos-Casamada ( Galllery of modern art – Danubiana, Čunovo )

Smells like pig spirit... (aka The Magnificent Seven)

Cheeta´s puppies are 1 year old, Missy at photo - she is very happy with her new owners

Knights tournament, part of the Coronation celebration (1. – 2. september 2007, Bratislava)

More info at Official website of Bratislava Coronation celebration

Mushrooms from the nearby forest - result of the morning hunt in the wishfull season (october 2007)

Mushroom mandala of the satisfied mushroom picker

Oldtimers exhibition in Kravaře castle & golf club area (CZ)

Fantômas taxi

Enjoying golf at Šilhéřovice Park Golf Club

Sun dial, parsonage and church in Píšť

Scaring example of "entrepreneur´s baroque" in Píšť

Three guys from Bardejov ;)

Windows at Town hall square in Bardejov

Goat from cottage Krajinka at Liptov

Remains of Kamenica castle

July 1., preparations before the firsht night of the Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007, castle courtyard, Bratislava

Nothing more to say, really festive welcome

William should be glad

From the exhibition "Statue and object XII" Hviezdoslav´s square, Bratislava

June 23., World Championships in meat cooking and roasting, Zoška cottage, Modra Harmónia

Our team decided to prepare frog legs

What´s green, that counts

Demand for frogs was huge, they dissapeared as a hot bread

Pickled camembert cheese prepared to share sport and gourmet experiences during the Ice Hockey
World Championships, Moscow 2007

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