current projects

Design manual, logotype, webdesign - INTERPI program

Graphic identity of the INTERPI program (Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic,
Czech National Library and the National Archive of the Czech Republic

Electronic law journal title page

Graphic design of the electronic law journal title page -
business, financial and economic law

Promotional brochure Pamarch

Promotional brochure design for the monuments revitalization company,
photos retouch, versions for print and web

Corporate identity, print, website 2BeeBio

Corporate identity and website design for the supplier of healthy pastry

You can find older works for selected clients in Portfolio section


Cave graffiti

There live ice rhinos inside the cave

They move deeper into the cave


Café Tramp

Careless fujara player

Nedbalka gallery - Halloween pumpkin

Young puffballs - one of the most delicious mushrooms

Esztergom sleepy morning

November's hike in the Hungarian National Park - Rám Szakadék ravine

Indian summer

Firefly lost in beech forest

Tree E.T. exhibitionist

Forest changing clothes

There was only one summer cep

Chicken mushroom soup


In the autumn forest I

In the autumn forest II

Lost in transleaves

Forest Theater - an eternal reprise, the other movie each time

"Písaný kameň" - boundary stone between the free royal city of Bratislava
and Stupava-Pajštún manor, which is mentioned by the king Rudolph II. Dated 1 September the 1600th

Boarding in Kiel

Landing in Göteborg

We will drive this road for 3000 km

Country of the melancholic elks

After two days we arrive the country of a thousand lakes

And elks are replaced by reindeers

Finnish bus stop

The Arctic Circle rainbow welcomes us and shows where halibuts live

We sail on sea in a fishing boat

Leave the harbor shelter

And explore the dark depths

Water boils around our Arvor 230

The weather is changing quickly

We try different fishing techniques

Cod for dinner

Jing-jang cods

An evening return to the harbor

Swedish sunset

Halibut Lamborghini

Miller recipe for the roasted carp

Rusovce lake is still alive

Austrian flyboard paradise

Something tasty for me?

Ivan´s apple

Morning fishing on Kučišdorf, alias Zorro the Green was here

Afternoon in Rovinj

City beach Baluota

Local art-e-facts

Under the strict seagull supervision

Romantic spots in Rovinj

The sun sets into the sea

Grilled octopuses

Moped Love

Letter in the window

Butterfly macro

Furnace for a goat (Goat hell)

Westminster Bridge once again

Jump to the London Eye

London panorama from the London Eye

A look at Westminster from the London Eye

Piccadilly Circus 2012

A walk in the Tower

Tower Bridge

Maritime Museum Greenwich

London panorama from the Greenwich hill

Reconstructed Cutty Sark after the fire in 2007

Frozen buzz of hummingbird wings

Welcome to Seaford Head

Cuckmere estuary into the ocean with the Seven Sisters in the background

Seven Sisters flowers

Hope Gap

Hope Gap 2

Hope Gap 3

Stratford - traffic junction ready for Olympics

Olympic Stadium

Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville

Olympic oysters

Petřín outlook

Changing figures

Magnolia tart

Tramín 22

Chicken of the woods in our garden grows on the yew stump

Retro residential fishermen

Cavers in Drážovce caves

Survival wooden bowl with earthworm

Detail of the window of the St. George´s church, Kostoľany pod Tríbečom, 9th century

We come from the smokehouse in peace


Kuky's Return

Autumn hike across Tríbeč - Gýmeš castle ruins

Winter will be long, there are lot of wasps. I know, I talked about it with ants. (Martin Šulík, Záhrada)

Krásna Hôrka Castle after the fire in March 2012

Dad and Mom Boletuses

In a merry basket

Fishing on Ružín

Evening fractals by the water

Pastures below the Hanigovce castle

Turner + Constable

Hike across Slanské mountains

Stará Ľubovňa castle

Baroque bastion of the century

Black sheep of the collective

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